Real-time Hashtag Driven Digital Feeds

User Generated Content Displayed on Online Websites


Snap a Photo01

Your guests snap photos using their own phones and devices and organically capture your event with genuine user-generated content.

Tag and post it02

Attendees post their photos and videos on their Instagram and Twitter accounts with your event’s unique hashtag in the caption.


Easily create and manage online campaigns. Share your brand and campaign message with friends and fans.

Brand Opportunity

Easily Create Your Own Hashtag Driven Digital Feeds

이벤트 참여 유도
Increase Engagement
Create social value by making it fun for consumers to engage with your brands & Businesses. As a result, guests share their experiences online.
SNS 콘텐츠 활용
Select Favorite Posts
HASHSNAP is designed to be ease to use. We make it super simple for you to find and feature your favorite posts from major social media platform.
커스터 마이징
Our animated layouts are proven to engage your audience and amplify social reach.
Viral marketing
Drive Word of Mouth
As the social feeds reveals itself, onlookers are encouraged to take part in your online campaign.

재규어 키오스크 이벤트현장

L.O.L Surprise Online Campaign
#나만의LOL #LOL서프라이즈

웹 이벤트현장

AMORE PACIFIC - Cosmetic Brand

웹 이벤트현장

Omni Online Shopping Mall Campaign
#옴니닷컴 #나도옴니로산다

웹 이벤트현장

Promoting a new line of HERA Lipsticks

웹 이벤트현장

Promoting “Free Motion” design by NEPA

웹 이벤트현장

PAGODA English Online Class Campaign
#파고다 #열공인증샷 #파고다토익