Hashtag Driven Digital Feeds

Showcase Real-Time User Generated Contents on Big Screen


iconSnap a Photo01

Your guests snap photos using their own phones and devices and organically capture your event with genuine user-generated content.

iconTag and post it02

Attendees post their photos and videos on their Instagram and Twitter accounts with your event’s unique hashtag in the caption.


Customize or choose from various grid style & layouts, we create engaging experiences that compliment your brand across all levels.

Brand Opportunity

Enchant Your Crowd with Branded Social Wall

솔루션 안정성
Safely select the best posts
HASHSNAP is designed to be ease to use. We make it super simple for you to find and feature your favorite posts from major social media platform.
선별 관리 최적화
Versatile Display Options
Stream to TV, LED, projector. And control from anywhere
커스터 마이징
Customizable Layouts
Layouts are fully customizable. Our in house layouts are also proven to engage your audience and amplify social reach.
신뢰성 및 기획 반영
Drive Word of Mouth
As the social feed reveals itself, onlookers are encouraged to take part with their own social contribution.

스크린 이벤트현장

Samsung Card Music Festival
#삼성카드 #홀가분페스티벌

스크린 이벤트현장

KCON 2018, Japan

스크린 이벤트현장

“Like the first time” Soju Brand Promotion
#마이라벨 #처음처럼 #수지처럼

스크린 이벤트현장

Adidas Brand Center/Flagship Store
#아디다스강남브랜드센터 #아디다스축하해

스크린 이벤트현장

Made by You Fair by FACEBOOK, Inc.

스크린 이벤트현장

Jara Island Jazz Festival
#엘포인트 #엘페이 #옴니로산다