Unforgettable keepsakes for your audience

Social media hashtag printer in the experiential marketing industry for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte


Snap a Photo01

Your guests snap photos using their own phones and devices and organically capture your event with genuine user-generated content.

Tag and post it02

Attendees post their photos and videos on their Instagram and Twitter accounts with your event’s unique hashtag in the caption.

Grab your Branded Prints03

Within seconds, the HAHSNSAP prints the photo as a 4"x6" branded take-away.


Type : Floor Standing Kiosk
Colors : White / Black
Material : Stainless Steel
Size : 700 X 650 X 1900 (mm)


Type : Floor Standing Kiosk
Colors : White
Material : Wood
One Cube Size : 480 X 480 X 480 (mm)


Type : HS Printer Equiped Vehicle
Colors : White (Changable)
Config : 3 HS Printer
Size : 2640 X 5720 X 2900 (mm)

Brand Opportunity

Turn Everyone into a Content Creator

이벤트 참여 유도
Increase Engagement
Create social value by making it fun for consumers to engage with your brands & Businesses. As a result, guests share their experiences online.
SNS 콘텐츠 활용
Awesome Service
Official partner with Facebook & Instagram allows stable service. Rent or lease HASHSNAP Printer today!
커스터 마이징
Full control over the display’s UI design and layouts of the 4"x6" social media prints.
Viral marketing
Viral marketing
We provide organic experience resulting in valuable user generated contents for your brand.

재규어 키오스크 이벤트현장

Jaguar E-pace Studio
#epace #epacestudio #newborn #jaguar

2018.06블로그 링크 화살표
프리메라 익스프레스 이벤트현장

AMORE PACIFIC’s Primera Cosmetics
#프리메라 #생태습지여행

2018.04블로그 링크 화살표
하림펫푸드 키오스크 이벤트현장

Harim Pet Food @ Seoul Pet Expo
#하림펫푸드 #케이펫더리얼

2018.04블로그 링크 화살표
코나 키오스크 이벤트현장

PyeongChang Winter Olympic 2018
#평창동계올림픽 #수호랑 #반다비

2017.08블로그 링크 화살표
예스 24 라이브홀 콘서트 익스프레스 현장

Day Break Live Concert by YES 24
#데이브레이크 #썸머매드니스

2017.07블로그 링크 화살표
코나 키오스크 이벤트현장

KONA Studio Show Room by Hyundai
#코나 #코나x마리끌레르 #코나화보

2018.01블로그 링크 화살표