Your image. Created by your guests!

Guest-Generated Hashtag Social Mosaics


Snap a Photo01

Your guests snap photos using their own phones and devices and organically capture your event with genuine user-generated content.

Tag and post it02

Attendees post their photos and videos on their Instagram and Twitter accounts with your event’s unique hashtag in the caption.

Print and Place03

Within seconds, the HAHSNSAP prints the photo as a dividable branded take-away. One side, for the guest to keep, and the other side for guest to post on the Social Mosaic Wall.

Brand Opportunity

Empower Guests to Tell Your Story

SNS 콘텐츠 활용
User Generated Contents
Turn your brand into a work of a masterpiece with user-generated Social Mosaic Wall.
다방면 연계 운영
Mosaic Online & Offline
Turn your brand image into a digital or a physical work of art. Every guests contribute to revealing branded masterpiece.
커스터 마이징
Full control over the display’s UI design and layouts of perforated social media prints.
캠페인 신뢰성 증가
Empower Your Guests
As the mosaic image reveals itself, onlookers are encouraged to take part with their own social contribution. The outcome is marvelous!

모자이크 이벤트

Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017
#2017MAMA #MAMAinjapan

모자이크 이벤트

“Dancing Goblin” by Clash of Clan

모자이크 이벤트

Art Busan 2018 @ BEXCO
#아트부산2018 #해시스냅 #ARTBUSAN2018

2018.05블로그 링크 화살표
모자이크 이벤트현장

Promoting the new X3 @ Winter Lounge
#BMW윈터미션 #BMWX3 #겨울을즐겨라

2018.01블로그 링크 화살표
모자이크 이벤트현장

World Cup Promotion by Visa Card

2018.06블로그 링크 화살표